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Want to make payment for the freight, clearance, or duty of your cargo in Saudi Arabia? We can help you with that.
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Now is the time to move on, to do and become what you want to be the best in any area that you choose.
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Are you a business enterprise in China? We can help you negotiate the best freight rate for your cargo in Saudi Arabia.
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Now is the time to move on, to do and become what you want to be the best in any area that you choose.
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About Us

welcome to online worldwide express logistic

OnlineExpress Logistics is your premium provider of China-to-Saudi logistical services. We take pride in our ability to provide effective solutions that’ll help make the procurement, transportation, certification, and clearance process easier for our clients. We know how difficult and complex the customs clearance process for Suadi Arabian enterprises in China can be, and we are committed to helping clients alleviate the stress and hassle that is associated with the process.

Our long-term involvement in Saudi Arabia’s clearance process and the wealth of experience that we have amassed along the way, has helped us create strong relationships with authorities at both ends. Therefore, we can guarantee a smooth and fast procurement process for our clients. We offer a wide array of logistical services for Saudi Arabia’s enterprises in China.

Our expertise includes warehousing, procurement, air transportation (China-to-Saudi), shipping double-clearance, and tax-to-door service. Other responsibilities include Saudi import Services (logistics to China), Saudi e-commerce platform SOUQ, NOON, first-way warehouse, and collection and payment of Chinese suppliers.

Our premium services are available to you at our local offices in Saudi Arabia. We have two operational offices at RIYADH and JEDDAH, and we hope to open two more in DAMMAM and MAKKAH within the next two years. Through these offices, our experts will provide business reception, international logistics, market inspection, exhibition arrangement, terminal marketing, brand outing, and other customs-related services to help Chinese enterprises in Saudi Arabia explore the market.

As a company, we aim to create a prosperous environment where technology, business, humanities, and other cooperation between Chinese and Saudi enterprises are evenly matched. We believe that through this commitment, we can lead over 10,000 Chinese enterprises to the shores of Saudi Arabia. These views are shared by Zhongsha Logistics which is the foundation of our company. Join us today, and together we can unravel the untold potentials Saudi Arabia’s market holds for a Chinese enterprise.





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    Online worldwide express has always been values-driven. Our shared values guide our actions that help us make a difference. These values continue to direct the growth and business of online worldwide express.

    • Responsive
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    We support all palletized and bulk tank transport. Please contact us for any specific requirements.
    Optimize operates under country-specific freight forward industry terms. We are members of the Logistics and Freight Association of China to Saudi. Optimize can also offer specific insurance cover on request. We regularly review our transport providers and only work like professional and experienced carriers.


    Customer Say What
    Yaser Alduais
    Diretor at New Century Co. Saudi Arabia
    I have cooperated with OnlineWorlwide Logistics Company for a long time. the company provides excellent convenient and cheap logistics services to Saudi Arabia.  
    Salman Alhelali
    Supervisor at Lianyi International Trading And Export Co.Ltd
    I found the logistic company in my WeChat moment from Advertisement account ,, in my opinion they a great and a professional cargo , and their delivery  time and service are satisfied with our client.  
    Director at One Art Saudi Arabia
    I have known Vison and many at online worldwide express for the last 8 years. He has built a solid reputation in placing the customer first…always.  Vison and his team are known for getting it done…period.  I never had to worry when I knew they had it in their hands because of their expertise and relationships in the logistics space.  It is in Online worldwide express culture to serve the customer.
    Cai Wen Xin
    Student at Isalmic University Saudi Arabia
    It is very satisfied that the delivery speed is very fast,the packaging is very careful,strict, the logistics company has a good service attitude,the delivery speed is very fast,and the delivery speed is very satisfied.
    Obay Sammer
    Director At AFAQ Saudi Arabia
    We have good experiences with the online worldwide companies as we did different contracts last year for shipping by sea and air and another logistic service they provide, and we recommend dealing with them as we find the service very professional with Time commitment and Good cooperation for all details we ask.
    Mohamed Eltahan
    Legal Representative at Free Building Co. Saudi Arabia
    Dealing with Online company means trust, reliability, and respect for deadlines and the ability to do business in all circumstances.
    Director at AR Trade Saudi Arabia
    Punctuality, reliability, safety and timeliness are among the best shipping companies that have dealt with them.